Corporate Services

We provide a range of on-site Bike Repair Days at your organisation to promote all aspects of cycling.
We can provide full or partially subsidised on-site repairs & servicing to your colleagues. We carry a comprehensive range of parts and accessories that are discounted for your team. Cycle Clinic helps your organisation reap the benefits of a healthy and happy workforce.

What our clients say:
The monthly Cycle Clinics in St James Hospital has proven to be extremely popular amongst our staff. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and the service delivered in a professional manner. It would be fair to say that the Cycle Clinic has time and again gone above and beyond what I have requested of them to ensure our cyclists are catered for.” – Sustainability Manager, St James’s Hospital

We also provide a range of Lunch & LearnĀ sessions. These are designed to further promote safe cycling in your workplace and equip your team with a strong understanding of how to maintain their bicycle. Modules cover how to safety check your bike and how to complete roadside repairs. We adapt our delivery to suit your needs, site and number of colleagues.

Perhaps you wish to organise a Cycle to Work day or a charity ride, or generally promote cycling and wellbeing within your organisation? We can support you to promote all aspects of cycling – we literally keep the wheels of your organisation in motion!