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Which Service is Right For You?

Frame, Fork & Component inspection✓✓✓
Brakes Checked & Aligned✓✓✓
Gears Checked & Adjusted✓✓✓
Tyre Pressure Checked & Adjusted✓✓✓
Steering Checked & Aligned✓✓✓
Chain Cleaned & Lubricated✓✓✓
All Bolts Tightened✓✓✓
Wheels Inspected & Trued✓✓
Wheel Hubs Checked & Adjusted✓✓
Bottom Bracket Checked & Adjusted✓✓
Drivetrain & Gears Cleaned & Lubricated✓
Bottom Bracket Cleaned & Re-greased✓
Wheel Hubs Cleaned & Re-greased✓
Headset Cleaned & Re-greased✓
Seat Post Cleaned & Re-greased✓
Bike Cleaned & Polished✓

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